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The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild.

Virtual Field Trips


School has gone virtual, and so have we! We have adapted our programs to aid teachers with new virtual content that aims to deliver a more targeted learning experience with curriculum specific learning objectives. Come explore The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. No reservations required!

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Giraffe (JUMA) – What makes them all unique?

Kindergarten Virtual Education

A fun look at the Giraffe! They all look alike but what makes them different and unique? A close look at patterns and adaptations while also inviting students to have fun with different post visit activities and crafts. Teacher lesson plan includes pre-visit activities and knowledge description for success of this event.

Desert Animal Adaptations

Kindergarten- 5th Grade Virtual Education

Have you ever wondered how animals like the desert tortoise, fennec fox, and burrowing owl survive the extremes of a desert environment? In this Virtual Field Trip, we will show some examples of how desert plants and animals use certain adaptations to help them survive and thrive in an otherwise harsh environment.

Keystone Species

5th - 8th Grade Virtual Education

Every ecosystem is full of plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria that make up an intricate food-web. Some of these species have a larger influence on the health of an ecosystem than others. We call these species "keystone species". Learn more about keystone species like the Mexican wolf, the desert fan palm, and the desert tortoise.

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